Obiter was founded in 2015 to meet the need for a reliable, up to date, centralised information resource for people applying for solicitor’s training contracts at large UK law firms.

The application process is long and challenging, made harder by a lack of clear information about the different stages and what it takes to differentiate oneself from the competition. The available information is also unequally distributed amongst applicants, with some, due to their university or personal network, having access to more good advice than others.

Obiter’s main goal is to level the playing field and provide all applicants with the necessary tools to get the training contract they want.

Will Foulkes is one of the co­founders of Obiter. He worked for four years in the Finance and Projects departments at one of the Magic Circle law firms in London and their offices in Paris and Milan. During this time, he worked closely with graduate recruitment, attending law fairs and lecturing at universities on the application process. Whilst working as a trainee Will also wrote a book, How To Get YOUR Solicitor’s Training Contract under the pen name James Howard.

Will Foulkes – Content editor
Nicolas Hsiung – Web design
& administration

Jean-Charles Bassenne – Graphic design

Thanks to: Mona Elhaj, Kim Filteau, Camille Sonally.