30 November 2015.
By Will Foulkes.

We have gathered together some interesting and useful links that we hope you like.

— Here is a recent list of key cases from 2015 from

— This is a fantastic short video that explains how the credit crunch came to be.

— If you are interested in seeing what a typical corporate deal looks like if you work for a magic circle firm, Linklaters LLP have included a fictional account on their website here.

— To help you keep on top of training contract deadlines have a look at Chambers Student that lists them all out for you.

— RollonFriday is good fun and has some very interesting insights into the different firms.


— This book is great for helping you to develop mental toughness and to enable you to approach each application with the right mindset.
Ryan Holiday — The Obstacle is the Way.

— Hands down the best book for understanding how to get people to empathise with you and bring them round to your way of thinking.
Dale Carnegie — How to Win Friends and Influence People.

— Want to learn a body hack that will give you a hormonal confidence boost right when you need it, say for an interview? Amy Cuddy’s TED talk on how body language shapes who you are is excellent. If you are short for time you can start at 10.05 mins for the most relevant material.

— If you feel that you are lacking motivation, or that you have previously tried and failed then have a listen to this playlist on 8tracks that compiles some great motivational speeches to get you up and on your feet again.

— For more on how to write well see this blog post by Dilbert. It is short and brilliant.

— Another great TED talk is Start with Why by Simon Sinek on how great leaders inspire action.

— To help with your research into commercial awareness, learning new terminology and retaining facts about different deals and law firms you would do well to look at the course Learning how to learn by Barbara Oakley. It’s free and packed full of useful information based on in-depth studies.